Hadj 2023 Preparations 



Hajj 2023 What you need to know before performing Hajj
Before making the pilgrimage to Mecca, you must first be in very good physical health and have a complete check-up.
a complete health check-up, be up to date with all vaccinations including the Covid one.
To be in good financial health and not to have any loans or debts, and to leave sufficient provisions for the bills
and sufficient provisions left with the family until his return from the holy places.

Nuzuk Hajj another platform for the hajj 2023 is the new registration platform for European, American and other Asian pilgrims who want to go to the holy places of Islam
Please download the application and book your registration.


The vaccination against covid 19 is still a compulsory and indispensable condition for the access to the Saudi territory
to the Saudi territory as well as other mandatory vaccines depending on the country you come from; do not hesitate to do not hesitate to contact the consular authorities of the Saudi kingdom in your country to update you on the updated conditions related to the hajj2023











What you should know about the most important dates for the 2023 edition
Prices vary between 6000 and 9000 dollars depending on the travel agencies but a pre-registration on the Nuzuk
Nuzuk application is essential to reserve your place.
1st Dhul Hijja 1444 will be June 19, 2023
The start of Hajj (departure to Mina) on 8 Dhul Hijja scheduled on June 26
The day of Arafa on 9th Dhul Hijja on 27th June
The day of Eid El Kebir on 10 Dhul Hijja on June 28
The 3 days of Mina: 11, 12 and 13 Dhoul Hijja: 29, 30 and 1 July

Hajj 2023 What will change
Women will no longer need a male companion to perform Umrah or Hajj
The age restrictions of 18 to 65 will be lifted and the Covid vaccine is also required.
We will also have to wait for the meetings of the royal commission of Hajji to know all the conditions required to make a good pilgrimage to Mecca
It is highly recommended to register on the Nuzuk platform.

                                      Don't forget your covid vaccine